Thursday, 15 August 2013

I've Moved

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  • Monday, 12 August 2013

    OT - Movie Monday - Ann Hathaway - The Princess Diaries

    This will be a new post hopefully every Monday showing old films I love that I think everyone should see at least once.

    Ann Hathaway is one of my all time favourite actors she's unique and unusual which draws me in to every film I've seen her in. She is the awkward teen actress that has grown into a style icon of mine.

    I first saw Ann Hathaway when I was just a teen. I was socially awkward, had epically frizzy hair which looked somewhat worse than the lion in The Wizard of Oz and had no concept of personal style not even what was the trend. I do remember having epic bristle brush eye brows and the fact that every girl in my class had plucked theirs to within a hair width of a line that was then perfectly drawn back in. I'm kinda glad I missed that one though. Yes I digressed but it kinda explains why I love this film if you have seen it.

    If you've not seen this it is the tale of a teenager being thrust into a different life and having to deal with boys, family and trying to stay true to herself while everything in her world changes. It's Disney for christ sake so yeah they all live happily ever after and so it should.

    It's the ultimate feel good film and I so wanted to be that girl. I kinda wanted to be her friend in this I was already an outcast at the time and suited to be more like her. I've watched this more times that I can remember even recently and still get drawn in. It just screams be yourself but better. After seeing her make over all I dreamed of was GHD hair straighteners to tame the hell out of my hair. I know it's corny and daft and after school special but I can't watch this and not smile and laugh out loud.

    If you do end up watching this and enjoying it just please do me a favour and don't watch the sequel. It's not awful but I honestly feel she didn't need a prince to make everything complete she should have ended up with the guy from the first film that would have been the ending I would have picked.

    P.s I love Hecter Elizondo as her driver he's a brilliant actor in everything I've seen him in.

    Sunday, 11 August 2013

    Freebies Post - Part 3 - Loreal Nude Magique

    This is Loreals New Collection of Nude BB & CC creams. I ordered this off their website a while ago so I'm sorry to say they have run out of samples this time. The ones I requested were the Anti Redness CC cream and the other is the Nude Magique BB cream in Medium.

    So I decided to do a direct comparison and do half my face in each one to see how they are different.

    Before with No Make Up
    Initial Application 

    My first thing I will point out with this cream is it is thin in consistency but a little really dose go along way and it seems to thicken as you use it. I really should have taken a photo but the amount I put on here on each side was enough to do my whole face I managed to dab the excess off otherwise I would look like the aliens you see in movies. So I would use it sparingly and apply a small amount at a time and blend in with your finger tips. Obviously they aren't your skin colour at this stage but the do change so don't worry. I tested these initially in a drug store and was put off by this instantly which is why it's taken so long for me to try them out, shame on me!

    Starting with the anti-redness cc cream this I think was better suited to me and really dose help even out my skin tone. I find that my cheeks are naturally quite red and this was covered well. I would say they are both a medium to full coverage and blended out well into my natural colour. The medium was too dark for me bout I'm glad I tried it as I think if you want to add colour to pale skin using medium could give that extra bit of tan without looking orange or over baked. I have discolouration just under my eyebrows where I have a form dermititis and the anti-redness did a great job at covering this without need concelaer which I would normally have to use to camoflage this. The finish on both of these is very middle ground it's not completly matte but not as dewy as other cc creams I've swatched. 
    I'm really pleased with the results  I forgot to moisturise before I put this on and have dry skin usually but this didn't seem to cling anywhere .I would use this for an everyday natural look and maybe only use powder to top up through the day on these warmer summer days.

    If you wish to buy these they are both £9.99 or 2 for £14 in boots (here). The BB cream has spf 12 and comes in light and medium. After trying these out I'm really wanting to buy the Nude Magique BB Blush as it could be a good way for me to start using blush hopefully without looking like a clown.

    Saturday, 10 August 2013

    Some Extra TLC for My Hands - Garnier Intensive 7 Day Hand Cream

    My hands have been getting really dry lately which it just well getting out of hand. However much Anatomicals Hand Cream I use it just isn't helping enough. I don't know if I'm reacting to something at work or just washing my hands alot more recently but they are a mess. So I've been using Garnier Intensive 7 day hand cream to see if I can sort this out. 

    7 Days Later...ish.

    To begin with I honestly don't love that it's fragranced I usually go for something plain. That being said it absolutely kicked my other hand cream straight into the bin (or more likely the bottom of a make up bag for in emergencys that I run out of this. I finally worked out that it's the over washing of my hands that is stripping them. I basically wash my hands all the time as my job is very dirty to the point where I cam hope from work yesterday and my fiance though I was tanned on my arms which when he looked closer was dirt and dust.

    So everytime I wash my hands I now turn to this. It is white but not overly thick in consistency and you don't need alot , I just rub it in and it instanly disapears into your skin. You can still then carry on rubbing it around your hands but your hands are left moisturised. I found the Anatomicals I had to use a paper towel to remove excess as it left a greasy layer otherwise. The garnier I could get on with work straight away and the effects seem to last much longer. It took the first half of the week for me to really notice the difference but I think it has to build up over time to improve over those 7 days. 

    I'm not so sure yet on the claim that your skin is still hydrated after washing but in my case that may be the heavy duty hand cleaner we use at work. This is £2.99 for 100 ml and is aimed at dry to extra dry hands and I think it's going to be permanently in my bag from now on over my regular hand creams.

    Wednesday, 7 August 2013

    Midweek Mask - Superdrug Hydrating Self-Heating Mask

    This is made for normal to dry skin types to give a hydrated healthy looking complexion. It has jasmine and evening primrose flower extract in it. The warming sensation it to help open and draw out impurities.This is also paraben free and made in the UK. All the single use Superdrug mask sachets are 99p or at the moment 4 for 3.

    This smells very floral and is quite gloopy I would suggest not putting too thick of a layer on as it drips down slowly. The warming sensation is as you apply it and I could feel it a bit while I relaxed but not much more luke warm than hot. This just isn't for me and I won't be repurchasing it If you do want to have a try when you clean it off use warm water as cold just smears it around your face. 

    Tuesday, 6 August 2013

    Make Up Academy - Budget Heaven - Pt2

    So this is more an update that I've purchased two new Make Up Academy nail varnishes, the cute £1 (essie bottle dupes) They are the same as the first one I bought which I review (here) They are in All Nude a pink tinged white and Red Fever which is exactly that.

    These took three coats to get this finish, the varnish is pretty thin but it works to it's advantage allowing three thin coats that build to a shiny opaque finish. The Red Fever is a  pink under toned red that's very bold and the All Nude is a warm almost cream white. For a £1 each they are really worth it and I hope to get more of these.

    Monday, 5 August 2013

    Dying My Guys Hair - Live Color XXL - Cosmic Blue

    I don't mind dying hair especially seen as his is so short but when I last used Live Color XXL it was the shake it up colour foam version. Unless this gets reformulated do not buy it , the powder and liquid don't mix properly however much you shake it you just end up with lots of powder chunks and alot of mess. This however is way better. You get a decent ammount of dye in this and it's easy to work with so appliation is quick. The only problem I had was I put my hand in the glove and it split straight away. Are gloves really that expensive they have to give you the ones that feel like your putting a 5p plastic bag over your hand with the oversized drawn hand cut out shape you then poorly glued together. So buy a pack of gloves when you do get them. The best ones I've found were from Wilkinsons they just don't seem to split and fit really well.

    This is just after I've covered his hair , the liquid dosn't seem to run like most hair dyes so don't have to worry it's running down his face or back. Saying that I did get it on his forehead but most came off when it was washed off and the rest faded over the next day. You get a good amount of conditioner but he said it wasn't that good and used his own afterwards.

    This is the final result, it's coloured very evenly and looks black in normal light but in sunlight its a nice dark blue. His hair is very shiny and looks good with his hair in a mohawk which I did, not the cutting just the styling. I'm very pleased with it and he seems happy too.