Saturday, 10 August 2013

Some Extra TLC for My Hands - Garnier Intensive 7 Day Hand Cream

My hands have been getting really dry lately which it just well getting out of hand. However much Anatomicals Hand Cream I use it just isn't helping enough. I don't know if I'm reacting to something at work or just washing my hands alot more recently but they are a mess. So I've been using Garnier Intensive 7 day hand cream to see if I can sort this out. 

7 Days Later...ish.

To begin with I honestly don't love that it's fragranced I usually go for something plain. That being said it absolutely kicked my other hand cream straight into the bin (or more likely the bottom of a make up bag for in emergencys that I run out of this. I finally worked out that it's the over washing of my hands that is stripping them. I basically wash my hands all the time as my job is very dirty to the point where I cam hope from work yesterday and my fiance though I was tanned on my arms which when he looked closer was dirt and dust.

So everytime I wash my hands I now turn to this. It is white but not overly thick in consistency and you don't need alot , I just rub it in and it instanly disapears into your skin. You can still then carry on rubbing it around your hands but your hands are left moisturised. I found the Anatomicals I had to use a paper towel to remove excess as it left a greasy layer otherwise. The garnier I could get on with work straight away and the effects seem to last much longer. It took the first half of the week for me to really notice the difference but I think it has to build up over time to improve over those 7 days. 

I'm not so sure yet on the claim that your skin is still hydrated after washing but in my case that may be the heavy duty hand cleaner we use at work. This is £2.99 for 100 ml and is aimed at dry to extra dry hands and I think it's going to be permanently in my bag from now on over my regular hand creams.

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