Monday, 5 August 2013

Dying My Guys Hair - Live Color XXL - Cosmic Blue

I don't mind dying hair especially seen as his is so short but when I last used Live Color XXL it was the shake it up colour foam version. Unless this gets reformulated do not buy it , the powder and liquid don't mix properly however much you shake it you just end up with lots of powder chunks and alot of mess. This however is way better. You get a decent ammount of dye in this and it's easy to work with so appliation is quick. The only problem I had was I put my hand in the glove and it split straight away. Are gloves really that expensive they have to give you the ones that feel like your putting a 5p plastic bag over your hand with the oversized drawn hand cut out shape you then poorly glued together. So buy a pack of gloves when you do get them. The best ones I've found were from Wilkinsons they just don't seem to split and fit really well.

This is just after I've covered his hair , the liquid dosn't seem to run like most hair dyes so don't have to worry it's running down his face or back. Saying that I did get it on his forehead but most came off when it was washed off and the rest faded over the next day. You get a good amount of conditioner but he said it wasn't that good and used his own afterwards.

This is the final result, it's coloured very evenly and looks black in normal light but in sunlight its a nice dark blue. His hair is very shiny and looks good with his hair in a mohawk which I did, not the cutting just the styling. I'm very pleased with it and he seems happy too.

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