Sunday, 11 August 2013

Freebies Post - Part 3 - Loreal Nude Magique

This is Loreals New Collection of Nude BB & CC creams. I ordered this off their website a while ago so I'm sorry to say they have run out of samples this time. The ones I requested were the Anti Redness CC cream and the other is the Nude Magique BB cream in Medium.

So I decided to do a direct comparison and do half my face in each one to see how they are different.

Before with No Make Up
Initial Application 

My first thing I will point out with this cream is it is thin in consistency but a little really dose go along way and it seems to thicken as you use it. I really should have taken a photo but the amount I put on here on each side was enough to do my whole face I managed to dab the excess off otherwise I would look like the aliens you see in movies. So I would use it sparingly and apply a small amount at a time and blend in with your finger tips. Obviously they aren't your skin colour at this stage but the do change so don't worry. I tested these initially in a drug store and was put off by this instantly which is why it's taken so long for me to try them out, shame on me!

Starting with the anti-redness cc cream this I think was better suited to me and really dose help even out my skin tone. I find that my cheeks are naturally quite red and this was covered well. I would say they are both a medium to full coverage and blended out well into my natural colour. The medium was too dark for me bout I'm glad I tried it as I think if you want to add colour to pale skin using medium could give that extra bit of tan without looking orange or over baked. I have discolouration just under my eyebrows where I have a form dermititis and the anti-redness did a great job at covering this without need concelaer which I would normally have to use to camoflage this. The finish on both of these is very middle ground it's not completly matte but not as dewy as other cc creams I've swatched. 
I'm really pleased with the results  I forgot to moisturise before I put this on and have dry skin usually but this didn't seem to cling anywhere .I would use this for an everyday natural look and maybe only use powder to top up through the day on these warmer summer days.

If you wish to buy these they are both £9.99 or 2 for £14 in boots (here). The BB cream has spf 12 and comes in light and medium. After trying these out I'm really wanting to buy the Nude Magique BB Blush as it could be a good way for me to start using blush hopefully without looking like a clown.

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