Monday, 12 August 2013

OT - Movie Monday - Ann Hathaway - The Princess Diaries

This will be a new post hopefully every Monday showing old films I love that I think everyone should see at least once.

Ann Hathaway is one of my all time favourite actors she's unique and unusual which draws me in to every film I've seen her in. She is the awkward teen actress that has grown into a style icon of mine.

I first saw Ann Hathaway when I was just a teen. I was socially awkward, had epically frizzy hair which looked somewhat worse than the lion in The Wizard of Oz and had no concept of personal style not even what was the trend. I do remember having epic bristle brush eye brows and the fact that every girl in my class had plucked theirs to within a hair width of a line that was then perfectly drawn back in. I'm kinda glad I missed that one though. Yes I digressed but it kinda explains why I love this film if you have seen it.

If you've not seen this it is the tale of a teenager being thrust into a different life and having to deal with boys, family and trying to stay true to herself while everything in her world changes. It's Disney for christ sake so yeah they all live happily ever after and so it should.

It's the ultimate feel good film and I so wanted to be that girl. I kinda wanted to be her friend in this I was already an outcast at the time and suited to be more like her. I've watched this more times that I can remember even recently and still get drawn in. It just screams be yourself but better. After seeing her make over all I dreamed of was GHD hair straighteners to tame the hell out of my hair. I know it's corny and daft and after school special but I can't watch this and not smile and laugh out loud.

If you do end up watching this and enjoying it just please do me a favour and don't watch the sequel. It's not awful but I honestly feel she didn't need a prince to make everything complete she should have ended up with the guy from the first film that would have been the ending I would have picked.

P.s I love Hecter Elizondo as her driver he's a brilliant actor in everything I've seen him in.

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