Sunday, 4 August 2013

Oh Why Did You Have To Go & Change - Anatomicals Body Scrub

Old One But A Good One.
This was my bottle from May and when I first reviewed it (here). I loved this because it had a jelly like consistency so it could I had time to close the lid using both my hands and I didn't loose produce from the bottle or off my hand. The new bottle I saw online at New Look in a more red colour bottle I assumed was the same.
It's Red... Honest.
I was wrong. The very clear colour of the liquid was now an olive oil colour and the beads were bigger and felt alot rougher to me. I like a scrub as good as anyone but I like to have skin afterwards. It dose work well of the patches of psoriasis I have but I don't feel I can use it everywhere. The liquid really is that, if I turn the bottle upside down while it's open it drips out and just can't be contained . It smells different too and not in a good way I can't work out what was being aimed for but I sure didn't work. I have however found a reasonable use for it I scrub my feet with it. Good for any hard bits of skin as I'm usually on my feet all day at work. So not completely useless but not fit for purpose. If you do find the pink bottle please let me know where as I would get the original formula if I could.

Leaving on a more positive note the  "Not Another Rough Day Please - Body Lotion" is pretty darn good. It's a simple lightly fragrance lotion. It spreads out well and sinks it quickly. The smell is nice and not over powering just fresh rather than a particular scent. To be honest it's just another generic body lotion no bells and whistles but it dose the job its made for. Probably won't purchase it again as there are better lotions out there for my dry skin. But when I just need a quick fix or to just use after a shower to stop my skin feeling overly dry I can use lots and not feel guilty about it.

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