Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Scent, Past and Present - JPG & Marc Jacobs Dot

Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique
This is the fragrance I've had for at least 6 years and I still can't part with this bottle. It really is a Classic smell it's elegant, feminine and just sets an outfit. It has vanilla, ginger, rose and orange blossom which all sit very well together. It was the scent both my sister had and it made me feel like an adult when I first bought it. I love to just smell it every now and again as it just takes me back to another time. Its now £71 per 100 ml at Boots (here). I don't use it now as I'm not sure I should as it is so old but when I can afford it I think I will repurchase it in the 50 ml size.

Marc Jacob - Dot
I had been searching for a new fragrance for at least 6 months and just couldn't find the one. I'm very picky and when I go in any place where they have lots of fragrances to try I usually get headaches from the bombardment of scents. I love Marc Jacob and wish I could afford a bag or even fit into the clothes never mind paying for them. So I went in and tested out Oh Lola and Daisy and they just really didn't suit me. I know if I don't love it I won't wear it. So when I first saw the advert for it I fell in love with the bottle first it just screams Marc Jacob which is why I ended up with the 100ml bottle. Then I tried it in store and instantly knew it was the one. It has notes or red berries, jasmine and driftwood. Its bold, gurly and I genuinely adore this perfume. It makes me smile every time I use this it's modern, vibrant and uplifting to the spirit and mind. It retails at £63 per 100ml but can be got for as little as £37 for 30 ml. Or the Solid Fragrance that comes in a necklace (here) for £30.

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