Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Midweek Mask - Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask

The mask is a very clear liquid slightly tinted green but just looks shiny on my face
So I'm a day late with my mask but I was so tired yesterday I forgot. When I smelt the mask it took me back to been a teenager in fact it's probably 99% likely that this is the very same one. At the time I don't think masks had really taken off and as far as anything expensive I sure didn't have the money. This is 99p for one sachet containing 10ml. If you buy the bigger size in a bottle it works out alot cheaper but I don't think it will be a repurchase of mine. It supposedly takes 10-15 minutes to dry but I had it on for over an hour and it's seriously hot in this house at the moment so unless the humidity is stopping it I thought it would be alot quicker if anything. The smell is very medicinal and the liquid is super sticky. I managed to avoid getting it in my hair which kinda hurts a bit once it dries and you have to pull it out. I also kept finding bits of the mask on my face after I'd peeled the main piece off which was annoying. Other than that it's just a bog standard peel mask. My face kinda feels tacky like my face isn't clean after it which is odd and still feels a bit tight after it. I think I will be moving on to another next week.

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