Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Benefits of Samples

When I went to Debenham's last week I was given  few samples to try out along side my purchase of Porefessional. These include the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion its oil free with SPF 15 to hydrate, protect and comfort the skin. The new Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer Base to act like a magnet to lock on your foundation. And last but not least Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in Ivory. I love that the samples aren't super small so I can get a few applications out of them which is what I've done.

Keep in mind as I write this the temperature today is a high of 28'C. I decided I would test run these samples on the hottest day of the year so far. I think I will have another try on a cooler day as I think the temperature made my make up eventually melt. The above photos were take at 8 am and it was 20'C at this point I was already too hot at this point. Yes, yes I really did wear a almost all black on a freaking hot day in summer!

The Triple Emulsion felt nice on my skin but too thick for under my makeup this would be better for days when you don't want a full face but still want my skin in good condition. 

I don't love the primer, to me it felt too sticky although I'm thinking I may have applied too much. In summer my skin needs to breath and it felt clogged up after applying this. 

The foundation however this is the second application. The first time I used it was with the Smashbox Primer last week and it looked great , it was warm weather but it stayed in place and I liked the smooth finish. This time for some reason I think my skin was already too hot and it felt like it was smearing over the primer then the powder just made it go cakey which I only noticed an hour after I'd left the house. Lucking most of my face make up came off due to the crazy weather we are having so it wasn't so bad. I'm going to go back to a minimal make up kit with my BB cream and leave foundations for Autumn/Winter. I think these products will be better suited then. As for primer I'm sticking with the Porefessional and Smashbox ones for now. The onlt makeup that laste all day was my now very trusted Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze, Blackest Black Great Lash Mascara and Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner all by Maybelline.

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