Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sanctuary Kyphi Body Butter - This is Heaven

This is amazing, It's one of the many body butters I own and have only got round to trying because I got bored with a different one. I get a lot of body butters at Christmas so they usually last me the year out but it means some get lost along the way. I'm really pleased to say I'm glad I found this little beauty.

It was part of a set of three so I don't believe you can get this on it's own so I'll be looking for it at Christmas. It has more of a thick jelly like quality to it rather than opaque and creamy like most body butters I have. This seems to soak in really well and I use it all over my legs and arms. It smells gorgeous but I can't work out what the smell is. It's not like a perfume type scent more a luxurious richness to it. I feel indulgent using it and I love it after a shower to rehydrate my skin. In my search to find this online I've only tracked it down on Amazon at £10.99 for 300ml (here). But I did find a travel size here of the Sanctuary Travel Body Butter in 50ml for just £2.40 if you wanted to test the brand out, this was also in the set and was just as good.

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