Monday, 22 July 2013

Porefessional Results

This is my holy grail of primers.....for my nose. This is not to say it can't be applied everywhere which it very much can be. I have used my freebie sample from May 2012 which I scrimped and saved all this time with still a little bit left to use. At first I applied it all over my face and loved it. It goes great under all my foundations I've tried including the Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation which without Porefessional used to settle in any line it could find. Some days I use it all over but usually I put another primer over my face then use Porefessional just where I need it the most. This may sound ridiculous to some but I have many evil large pores on my nose that love to hold blackheads. I clean my skin regularly, use masks,exfoliate and use decent moisturiser but I haven't been able to fix it yet.

Porefessional has a silky smooth texture and is tinted but blends in well giving that extra coverage. It sits smoothly on the skin filling and disguising my pores and the same time with a nice matte finish. It minimises them visibly but then when I apply foundation its as if the problem was never there. Its love at first use and I convinced myself out of this many times as the price is usually £24.50 for 22 ml but if the sample has lasted me this long then getting the full size should keep me going a very long time. 

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