Monday, 29 July 2013

Anti Bacterial Hand Gel That Smells Gurly - Cuticura

Firstly yes I writing about hand gel. Why? Well seen as you've asked because who else would. So on with it this is Cuticura Passion Flower & Mango and it's £1.30 for 100 ml at Boots in store (but not on line but Superdrug do here but it's £1.49). It dose exactly the same as every other anti bacterial hand gel. It gets rid of 99.9% of bacteria. The big thing is that yes it dose contain alcohol but no it doesn't smell of alcohol. I really can't stand the hand sanitiser in Hospitals and I know it's there for a reason so I do use it. This I can't even describe it other than it smells like gurls. Its a fresh feminine but light scented. I haven't found any other ones like this and I think for the bit extra in price my hands don't smell clinical or simply nasty. This dries as fast as the others but it's just a personal preference to use this over others.

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