Monday, 8 July 2013

It's Your Prime - Smash Box

This is the perfect size minatures of primers for being able to try a product before you buy it. I also found out this weekend just past it's great for travelling with as well. To buy the set it's £14 so by no means cheap but I didn't wish to fork out the £25 for the full size as I'd never used it before. But I also thought why pay £12.50 for the travel size on its own if I could then get the 5 ml Photo Finish Under Eye Primer (worth £10) and the 0.5 ml Photo Finish Lid Primer (worth £3) extra for another £1.50. So in total that's £25.50 worth of product for £14 , it's already sold out on line but I picked mine up from Boots so they may still stock them.

So I've had a small amount of time to test them out. As it's summer I'm going for a less is more approach to my many layers of makeup. I switched to a BB cream or just powder foundation lightly depending on my mood or laziness. So when it came to the idea of three primer I'm not sure what I was thinking. I can honestly say they really help to make my skin look better. I think the Photo Finish Primer did well with my BB cream and also tested it under foundation and the results looked good. It doesn't fix my evil large pores but it smooths my skin so that anything on top glides on my skin that much easier. It's got a slightly greasy feel to it but is colourless and can't be seen on the skin if I do only put powder over it.

 I love the Photo Finish Lid Primer as it is a great base and evens out the skin tone while covering the blue vein lines which I usually cover with concealer which sometimes goes caked on if I use too much. This fixes that and is so light you can't feel it's there. Then I used the Photo Finish Under Eye Primer to perk my eyes up making them look brighter and more awake. Its light silky texture glides on easily and all these small touches make a big difference to how the rest of my makeup sits. 

This is a great starter kit if you haven't tried primers or wish to try a higher end brand without spending full price or just if you want a treat.

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