Friday, 26 July 2013

Black V's Nude Eyeliner - Scadaleyes Waterproof Khol Review


Both these eye liners for me work well and define the eyes but with one swipe of either it 
completly changes the whole look. I've always been an big fan of black eye liner it's just classic and bold and it draws all the attention to the eyes. I stuck with this from when I was younger and this is the first time I've ventured away from my past goth inspired style. Rimmel Scandaleye products seem to be popping up all over Youtube but it is a rarity to find another nude eye liner on the market that isn't breaking the bank. This is just £3.99 so for me its a very good price the closest to this in my price range are the white eye liners and I just don't like them there too stark and just remind me of the sixties.

On the left I've used Maybelline Eyeliner-matic 
which until I changed to gel eyeliner was my go too liner.
I picked this for comparison as it has a similar
application and texture. I feel this look it more suited
to going out at night look .
It's edgy, strong and frames the eye.

On the right I've used the Rimmel Scandaleyes,
its a nice creamy texture the glides on without
irritating my eye and covers up 
any redness along the water line. It is a 
natural day look that perks the eyes 
up making them seem bigger and brighter.
This is a look I'll be wearing more 
often in the summer months.

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