Saturday, 27 July 2013

Seventeen V's Maybelline - Cream Eyeshadows

Seventeen - Wild Metallic Eyes in Wild Nude
Maybelline - Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze
So I've already talked about the Color Tattoo (here). My love for this has not died but finding another colour from the range that is wearable any time has. Color Tattoo has great lasting power with a strong pigment that stands out or can be layers with eye shadow on top. I saw the Seventeen version and it's the first item I've bought from this company. To be honest it's the first one that's caught my eye. I really like the simplicity of cream shadows but beyond going to brands like Benefit or Mac which I know I can't afford right now there isn't much choice. In this crazy heat I expected the Color Tattoo to melt but it didn't , I always use a primer first so maybe that makes the difference after all. So moving on I did swatches of all of the Seventeen colours in Boots and this was by far my favourite. Wild nude is metallic without being glittery and more natural day make up the consistency is creamier as well. It did crease a bit after a days wear but that was in the crease of my eye so unless I was closing my eyes often its not noticeable.

On the left is Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze and the right is Seventeen Wild Metalic in Wild Nude
The Color Tattoo is £4.99 and the Seventeen is £3.99 so not a huge price difference, I think I will always prefer the Color Tattoos but in both ranges there just aren't enough wearable colour or nearly enough choice.

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