Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Freebies Post - Part 2 - Herbal Essence Bee Strong

This is a sachet of the Bee Strong Range from Herbal Essence. You get 10mls of the Shampoo & Conditioner which was enough over my just past shoulder length hair. As for smell I honestly couldn't tell if there was one. The shampoo in application is fine but as I rinsed it off it was less clarifying and more stripping which I didn't like. The conditioner was much better and there was easily enough to test it out, this felt nice on and washing it out was easy. It felt like this was doing a lot more for me and my hair did feel reasonably soft once it dried. They are both £3.89 which even for a cheaper brand overall seemed allot for what they did. Herbal Essence have better ranges and I don't think I'd purchase this in the future.

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