Saturday, 20 July 2013

Soap & Glory - Hand Food for Hard Working Hands

yes this is very pants picture
This is Hand Food by Soap & Glory and it's been neglected. It usually appears in a random make up bag then forgotten about. Every time I find it I pop the lid open and have a sniff which is a very nice scent that I remember liking from previous occasions. I can only describe it as similar to all the other Soap & Glory products as I can't work out what it is but it's nice. 

My automatic reaction to this is to squeeze some straight into my hand which I then realise is a bad idea. This is because the main cream product separates from the liquid in it making it near impossible to get the lid back on without spilling it. I always forget to shake the bottle, every time without fail I do this. But past this I also have to say only use it after either you've done everything you intend to that day or are going to bed. This is due to it being quite greasy on the hands so makes typing near impossible and smear your touch screen phone. It sounds like I'm not enjoying this product I know but for all the minor niggles if I use this before bed I wake up with really soft hands. It dose the job it's just not made for day time use. If you have rough hands like mine it really will make a difference.

This is the 50ml size and is £2.50 from Boots

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