Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dry Shampoo Saviour ...Over slept But Still Out The Door and on Time!

My wake up time is 6.20 am which gives me 40 minutes to get dressed, drink my coffee and try to look reasonably presentable for work. Due to this lack of time Batiste is what I've been using. It's a dry shampoo which comes in many versions. For my first try I choose The Fruity & Cheeky Cherry , I'd be lying if i didn't say the very kitsch cherries on it wasn't one of the reasons I picked this from the many others. 

This is how Batiste Describe it :
Cherry is for anyone that loves their look sweet, smooth and full of luscious retro flavour. Our fun new fragrance delivers a rich cherry scent as it livens up your locks, and looks just as great on your dressing table as in your vintage handbag.

Cost at time of publishing £2.99 for 200ml 

As for the scent it's little bit overly fake cherry and more fruity than anything but fades quickly so not too much of an issue. Its easy to use and not hard to control how much you spray. On my hair it looks like a white dusting of snow. Just aim at your parting first and spray over then sectioning down your hair do the same. I also do my hair that frames my face as I tend to touch it often through the day it always amuses me as I kinda look like Caitlin Moran with her similar streaks.

 On the packaging it just suggests to spray then massage straight in. I found that if I leave it for a few minutes while I do other things like make up or brushing my teeth when I do rub it in it seems to have given it a chance for it to pull the oil out of my hair. Don't worry about the white it dose blend in but there are colour specific Batiste for blonde's, reds and brunettes. 

If I've straightened my hair the day before then batiste the next day i can get away with not needing to do much extra to it. I think you can get away with doing this for a maximum of two days before you need to wash it out.So this would be great for camping trips as well as giving my hair a pick me up after work.

I'm going to next try the dry shampoo by fish as I picked it up in b&m for just 99p with RP of £3.56

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