Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Honey Be Good To Your Lips

I've still not after many years wanted to try lipsticks and haven't found a gloss I didn't find overly sticky. So I'm for now its chap stick and lip balms.

I don't like strong tasting ones or have a  thick consistency.My other issue is I cringe when I see lipstick on other peoples teeth and I'm sure it would make me paranoid. I think I'd be forever wiping lipstick or lip gloss gunk off the side of my coffee cup.

I want them to just sit on my lips and keep them moisturised. I bought Honey Trap for my sister at Christmas and purchased one for myself as I just loved the smell, subtle but inviting. I tested it out and almost no taste. I'm hooked and sure to be purchasing another when I eventually run out. They aren't cheap at £5.50 but they seem to last.

I've also tried Whipstick a chocolate and orange version but not really to my taste. I've just peered on the lush site and I'm intrigued to try the Latte one that had bronze pigments in so I could add colour that way as I'm an avid coffee lover . If anybody can make suggestions as to a starting place with lipsticks then please comment , I'm looking at the lip butters as they seem like a good inbetween place to start.

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