Monday, 27 May 2013

Make Up Academy - Squiggle Effect

My theory is if a product can make it look like you did more work than you did then its worth a try. This is magnetic nails by MUA (Make Up Academy) in Mayfair its rrp is £3.50. If you only do one coat the effect isn't as strong but as I've just found out it dose work so if your in a rush it dose dry fast too.
One Coat Effect
As it directs on the bottle the most effective way to use it is to apply one coat on each nail and let this dry. Next do each nail individually so one at a time apply the varnish, screw the lid back on place lid over your nail resting the curved plastic at the base of your nail on skin. Leave for ten seconds over your nail before moving onto the next nail.
How To Apply
Finished Effect

On the left is how the effect is created and and the right the finished design. It can be tricky at first, the times I've smudged the varnish into the magnetic top that still occasionally happened but two or three attempts and you've nailed it. I class is as the lazy gurls dupe to nail art because anyone can do it.

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