Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rimmel - Sweet But Sour

This is Rimmels I Love Lasting Finish in Sweet as Sugar rrp £3.69. I saw the colour and wanted it that's all it took. But with nail varnishes you go in store there's no way of testing , no real life swatches so all you can go on is colour. I don't know yet about the lasting finish yet but after three coats to get it to this coverage I really hope so and think it still may need one more.

Its such a beautiful shade of cool blue it saddens me the brush is awful. I can't work out why when the 60 seconds varnishes they do has a rounded wide flat brush which goes on so evenly and smooth. I don't think its the consistency as it seems similar to the other Rimmel varnishes I have. The brush seems to streak lines through as you put in on you nail which is why I think it took three coats. Even now though in natural light I can see patches where I can see my nail. The closest colour Rimmel do to this one is Rimmel 60 Seconds in Too Cool To Tango so that may end up being a future purchase.

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