Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Make Sad Days Happy Hippy Days

This is a steal from my boyfriend, it was his originally but now its ours or rightfully mine. Either way this is the best, I feel so freaking crazy clean  using this shower gel. I come home and I know I'm grimy from work , I never had a fix for it until I met Happy Hippy.

This is a long term love affair . It's grapefruit which I thought I wouldn't like but I absolutely do at least in this anyway it's citrus but not a problem on my sensitive skin. So squeaky clean , lathers up with lots of bubbles and even gets oil off my skin from work. Happy Hippy is completely worth it and you should go in Lush just for this. It's £3.25 for 100g which I think is fair as you don't need much so good for holidays. Even with both of us using it lasts us pretty well. Intending to go buy the 500g bottle so we don't go back in too often, stop me before I buy everything in the shop!

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