Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Beauteco Box Update

A little review of the products that I've gotten round to trying.

I'm getting this one out of the way as I really thought this was going to be lovely and I thought it was nice that it was made in Britain. The problem is as soon as you smell it, that's as far as you can go. It smells like cheap grandma perfume. It really is that awful that I can't even bare to use it in case I can smell it on myself. So I'm going to leave it at £36 for 180ml for somebody else to buy.
Out of these three I've not used the Moa Balm yet as I'm not quite sure what to do with it but that's not to say I won't I just haven't yet. The Dr Braggi Ive been using sparingly under my eyes which I found feels really nice as well as the dry bit of skin on my forehead. It works but I just can't afford to ever replace at £100 for  60ml so once it's gone that it for me. The Melvita is by no means cheap at £27 for 40ml but its my favourite of the sample sizes of which I got 15ml. I use it for the skin problem I have on my eyebrows. It is really hydrating and lasts pretty much a full day at work. It smell so nice and fruity and if I save up this is what I'd get.

Ive only tried the Help The Paw hand cream up to now and it's become my morning hand moisturiser since I got it. It smells awesome and rubs in easily I just love it. My hands get dry easily as I'm having to wash them all the time and I love to use this to nourish them afterwards. They are both reasonably prices, the hand cream is £3. The scrub is £3.60 I will get round to using it and reviewing it. I'm also wanting to try more Anatomicals products if anyone can make some suggestions for me.

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