Monday, 24 June 2013

Loreal Micellar ... The Solution? - Make Up Remover Without The Sting.

I love makeup but removing it at the end of the night can be tedious, painful and literally brings me to tears. My eyes are sensitive to begin with if I get a bit of make up in my eyes they tear up instantly. Just last weekend I decided I'd mess around with eyeliners and found an old one I got as a freebie and tried it out. Me being knackered at the time I used a face wipe to remove it and what I believe it did was smear the liner on my eyelids, half asleep and not caring I went to bed. The next morning I had crazy dry flaky patches on both my eyelids which I've being fixing using the Melvita Ultra Nourishing Cream I got as a sample from a Beauteco box.

I'd heard about micellar water from another blog and decided to give it a try. The one I bought was Loreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. It looks like slightly bubbly water in the bottle and I was sceptical. I just put it on a cotton pad  though and  rub it over my face it's that simple. Now the first time I thought what the heck and went straight for my eyes with it. I'm a "If I buy it then I'm trying it", kind of girl. There was no stinging sensation when it went in my eyes even when I cleaned my eyeliner off with my eyes open. Its super sensitive as the micellar properties change how the cleaning part reacts to our skin. It has no alcohol , no perfume and is hypo-allergenic. 

It really dose work and my skin doesn't feel like anything is left on afterwards which I find some cleansers do. I had a shower after work and thought I'd been thorough as my job is very dirty and oily, on a whim i used it after and a lot of dirt still came off my skin which I was shocked at. I'm hoping more companies jump on the band waggon and make some cheaper ones or at least forces the others to reduce their prices. At £4.99 for 200 ml it seems like a lot of money but it works so that  beats everything else I had. As per the suggestion of my boyfriend I'm going to get a mini spray bottle to put it in as I find if I'm not being careful it comes out of the bottle too fast. I really don't want to waste it and that sounds like a good solution as well as being able to use it on my travels. I also have the Loreal Skin Perfection Oil Cleansing Oil as they were on offer at the time which I will try out in the near future.


I still use this now but mainly as my eye make up remover which it dose a great job at. I'm about half way though the bottle and I did use this on my travels but the bottle is so badly designed that as you try to decant it into a smaller bottle half ends up down your hands so I really hope they bring out a smaller bottle. If you still want micellar as a travel edition Bioderma do 100 ml bottle online but this is more expensive at £4.50 (here).

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