Monday, 3 June 2013

Something Different Comes This Way - Beauteco Box

So I'm a complete novice when it comes to beauty boxes. I didn't even know they existed until a few months ago. I like the concept it makes sense to try before you buy and have the convienience of them sent every month to your door.I looked into beauty boxes and the many versions but the reviews are both good and bad. Some can be taken both ways , expensive products I wouldn't normally be able to afford to try but that's only good until your sample is empty and you cant afford to replace them. I've also heard many times they ask for forms to be filled about skin type then products come that are useless to the recipient. I read this also from who understandably is upset with Glossy Boxes due to the nature of the random selections not being fair. So one box could be great for one person and another gets a completely different set of sample that don't appear to be the same quality or close value.

This is where comes in to play. They are doing things a bit differently. To start with if you subscribe per month the first box doesn't automatically start a direct debit. The idea is they want you to try it first and see if your happy then subscribe. Next after I ordered it I was unsure if I'd orders two subscriptions instead of one. So I kinda freaked when there was no contact number just an email. The thing is there was no reason to worry. I emailed and had a reply in 6 minutes, since I ordered a week ago I've emailed 4 times as I have trouble with deliveries where I live and every time was a fast response it was polite and informative. When you go to pick your box you get three choices with similar items in all but a slightly different set so you can pick to suit your tastes and wants.

So here it is....
This is how the package comes in the post and to the right the
inside is simple but pretty 
Hello To You Too

This is the card that gives a small description of each item inside with discount codes for the month you are in if you want to purchase full size items.

I think the products were well packaged and nothing was damaged which I am pleased about.

Anatomicals - Body Scrub and Hand Cream
MOA - Balm , Dr Bragi - Age Management Moisturiser & Melvita - Ultra Nourishing Cream

Mitchel and Peach - Body Cream - An extra gift  came  too.
It comes in a simple sturdy cardboard box I know that others have stylish boxes but the whole point is it's aiming to be an Eco friendly company using recycled card and packaging. Even going Eco it's still such a cute box on the inside. It comes with a card with a description of each of the products. They are well packed and everything arrived safely. I think it would be great to get as a present.

Firstly I recieved two items from Anatomicals. I These are the body scrub and Hand Cream.Which are full size products at reasonable prices if I wish to buy them again which I'm already looking at the other products they do online. I also got sample sizes of MOA Balm - Daily Cleansing Ritual , Dr Braggi - Age Management Moisturiser and Melvita - Ultra Nourishing Cream. These I will do future reviews of as and when I try them out. The cost of the box is £10 + £2.99 p&p. If you order more than one month it is cheaper per box over 3 months or a year.

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