Saturday, 8 June 2013

N07 - Revitalising Hand Saviour

Another item I've only just got round to trying from Christmas long ago. I thought it was just another hand cream so it got left behind with all the other bits yet to try. As I later realised it's actually an exfoliator. I didn't even know there were exfoliators for your hands. The closest to that is the product Swarfega which is a gritty, lime gel used for removing oil in engineering. It is so not the same thing as Swarfega.

It's the refined, gorgeous super gurly adult version. Just for us to pamper our hard working hands after a long day at work. It seemed strange but I'm not sure why but you put it on dry hands and rub it all over them. The salt crystals exfoliate while the liquid is creamy until rubbed in then its like an oil making your hands nice and soft and smooth. All you have to then do is wash it of with warm water .Ta Dah ! I like it, it feels and smells luxurious for a treat maybe used once a week as an extra to my hand creams. This retails at £11.50 a bit steep for every day but once a week to revive my hands I think it's worth it.

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