Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beauteco - June Box

This is Junes box it includes 4 full size items and one sample size, so as you can imagine I'm very pleased with this. Still loving the package in pretty purple shredded paper. The box is £10 + £3 postage and can be purchased (here)
Lustrous Locks - Vitamin Complex
These are vitamin tablets aimed at improving hair condition through the root growth. I'm taking them at the moment to at least give it a go and see but not quite sure how to review improvement if any. The ingredient are , Methyl-sulphoyl-methane, Vitamin C, Iron, Silica and N- Acetyl L-Cysteine. No I'm not sure what they all do either... and they aren't cheap at £15 which is for two weeks worth. For more information this is the website (here)

Organic Surge -Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser - For Dry Skin
This smells so nice that I catch myself opening it randomly just to have a sniff. It has organic geranium essential oil in it and I personally like it. I also like that it is made in the UK and the company is against animal testing and obviously organic too. I have been dipping in this all week, all you need is the lightest touch on the surface and it's like it melts on your finger tips warmth. When applied to the skin it sinks in and to me I can feel the difference. At £8.99 I think it is a fair price as you only use a very small amount of the 50 ml. At this moment in time Organic Surge have a 75% sale on (here). I also love the glass jar it comes in it just feels posh to me or at least well designed.

Balance Me - Wonder Eye Cream 
It says soothing, brightening and lifting and for all skin types. I don't love the smell but then again once its on you can't smell so not really a problem. I've not used this enough to give a proper review so I'll hopefully come back to it. It is a 10ml sample which is worth £14 so that covers the price of the box alone. It is 99% natural origins and also made in the UK. I like their promise as well....
Source from Balance Me (here)
Amie - New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish
This is a great budget exfoliator, not that it's cheap in quality but at a good price of £4.95 for 75 ml. I've only used this once but it spreads well and isn't overly abrasive but exfoliates without the stinging sensation so suitable for even sensitive skin I would think. You can really smell the orange and mango in this and my skin felt noticeably softer after use. It can also be used by vegetarians and vegans. Another full size winner in the bunch. They have other products I'm now interested in (here).
Headline Colors - Spotlight
This is such a pretty colour and I will do a post with my full nails done. I've tested it out on a few nails to give a mini review. The colour is very pearlescent lilac shade. I'm not loving the brush it just seems standard I expected more from a varnish that retails at £9 but it is a full size bottle at least. It drys quite fast and only need two coats which is good. The brush makes application harder than it should be but I do like the colour . There is a great range of unusual colours (here) .Not sure I'd go out and spend that much when there are brands I still prefer more at a quid cheaper.

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