Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Basic Make Up - My Minimum Kit

1) No Make Up
This is one hell of a sunny day so I took it upon myself to do a basic make up guide to what I wear as an every day look. The first photo is just after I've used a face wipe to start with a clean base. I used a N07 - Quick Thinking Wipe , which I've never  paid full price for which is £7 it's always been about £2 after I've got a Boots voucher and didn't want to spend much. Also before I started this earlier in the day I used an exfoliator necessary for my dry skin.
2) Moisturise
Then to give a good base I always moisturise. I use Cliniques - Dramatically Difference Moisturising Lotion. It's expensive but as my skin is ridiculously dry and due to my skin condition it's the only thing I use right now. That is until I finish it which will be soon so I intend to find a dupe in the process. I'm wanting to replace it with an spf in it.

3) Foundation
Foundation to me is the overall layer of make up that evens the face out. This can include a primer first, I have yet to find one as good as Benefits - Porefessional that I only had a sample size of. I'm looking at Elfs Primers or maybe a drug store equivalent but until then I'm sticking with good old foundation. Mine at the moment is Revlon - Age Defying for Dry Skin in Nude Beige. It has spf 15 so great for summer on the rare sunny days. For dry skin this just feels light and comfortable. Its not heavy coverage but it gives a base that doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation which is how I want basic make up. It is however build able without caking so coverage how and where I want it. I use Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation but only a bit usually down my t-zone.
4) Concealer
When I was younger I thought the more expensive within my range something was the better it must be. I always bought N07 - Instant Radiance Concealer now this it not to say it's not a great product. It is. But why pay more than double if something can give the same effect. Collection (2000) - Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light. This is god send it's £4.19 and I almost couldn't live without it. It put it just where it is in the photo and pat it in with my finger.
5) Eye Brows

 This is something I never did for fear of looking like I'd drawn them on. In summer the outer half of my eyebrow goes bleach blond and it looks like I must have gone mad with tweezers while drunk. So it's needed, I have done them in two different ways sometimes i mix the two bust usually don't do one on each cause it looks weird. The first is to use Rimmels - Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel , just run the brush across the brow to pull in strays. Then using the pencil in fine strokes to build the shape up slowly, it's easier to add more than take back. The other way is finding an eye shadow which is easier to match your natural eye brow colour, I find it a little trickier to master. I use Natural Collection in Crushed Walnut. Using an angled brush push it onto the shadow pot so it only goes on the tip ends of the brush. Then carefully use this to build colour in your brow in the direction of the hair. Once this is done I run Collection (2000) Clear Mascara sparingly over my eye brows to seal the colour in place.

6) Eye Shadow
This photo doesn't do justice to the colours I used. I failed miserably but that's fine because I will try again. I used Make Up Academy - Undress Me Too palette. This is a great basics set where its really hard to go wrong, I think the sun washed the colour out and id go much stronger with it next time. I think to get this look again I'm going to purchase the Maybeline - Tattoo Colour - On and On Bronze hopefully my next investment into more daring shades. I use my Eco tools brush to put it on which are reasonably priced in a 5 piece set for £15.
Eyeliner & Mascara
The finishing touches are to use an eyelash curler, I think any will do they all look the same to me but I'm sure someone will prove me wrong I've yet to see it. My mascara is the one every time I try a new one then don't like it this is my fail safe. Maybelline - Great Lash - Blackest Black . Its easy to use it goes on well and just hasn't failed me yet. I only use eyeliner on my eye line and water line. I'm still trying to learn to do flicks and cats eyes and not making myself look like I've got into a fight. So I use Maybelline - Eyeliner Matic in Intense Black. I find it easiest using a large mirror to do this so I have a steady hand to put it on.

The Kit :

This set cost £76.27 which is a lot if your just starting out on make up. It wasn't all bought at the same time so not too bad but I want to come up with a set that can be affordable to everyone and that is comparably good as the set above.

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