Monday, 10 June 2013

Boots Extracts - Cocoa Butter Me Up

This is the Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter Set and is £10. So a bargain really when you get three full size products.

The Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub I'm unsure I'd repurchase it again but it did smell gorgeous like it could be edible. This is a personal preference but I like a scrub to go on do it's job then wash back off, make me nice and smooth but feel like it was never there. This one is oily so leaves a film on my skin that I can't get used to. I understand that it's to hold moisture in but I used Oilatum shower gel as a child and ever since anything remotely like that has put me straight off it even if it works. So others may like that but I guess I'm weird. I'm trying to use it up but I got the Anotomicals scrub in my Beuteco Box and want to try that instead.

The body wash is the same it smells good but is super thick , I use it on a shower puff ball so I can lather it up so it's bubbly and I've started using it as a shaving gel sort of and I like it for that purpose. Last but not least is the body butter this is my favourite product out of them all. It's just a good all round body I like to use all over after a shower. This is being used up fast as i love the smell so much. It moisturises well to say I have dry skin it keeps it hydrated. I still wouldn't repurchase it as it's just not stand out special I've had problematic skin all my life this is just any other body butter I have at hand. I have quite a few already left to use up. I think I'd go back to the Sanctuary body butters first before this one so still looking for the one it is £13 so way higher than this set.

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