Friday, 28 June 2013

My Piercings

Technically I was very young when I had my ear lobes done , I don't remember how old maybe 8 they were done in a hair salon with the old gun style way of piercing before sterilisation and proper techniques were in place. After this I was 18 and I wanted my tongue done initially but my dad was dead set against it so as my rebellious self at the time I went and had my lip pierced instead. I had it done at Feline Tattoos in Sheffield. I was shit scared but it was fine, very clean and hurt but for maybe a second and done with a needle. 

In no particular order as to be honest I can't remember.

 This is a micro dermal piercing from the side of the piercing it is an I shape where the base sits under the skin and the top screws on. I did have two here and I had them for maybe 4 months as I had to cover them at work and they just didn't seem to be holding in my skin well but people react differently. I loved the visual of them they just didn't suit my lifestyle and job. I still have the two scars on my arm they are pretty flat but can still see them even now. I don't regret having any of them done I think it was my way of experimenting with my body and personal style.

These are surface bars and I loved them very dearly, if I have any piercing done again and replaced these would be them. They sat above and below the collar bone and was something I'd never seen before and so it being unique at the time I wanted to try it out. I won't lie it hurt to have them done as the needle has to cut through a larger section of skin and one did get infected but I took care of it and it cleared up. Eventually my skin rejected them and started pushing them out which can happen  so I removed them before any real damage could be done. I miss them the most but maybe I'll get something in the future.

Two very old photos the left is the initial first tongue piercing , it hurt and it dose swell like a bitch and you have to eat soup and smash for about two weeks after. It seems a bit pointless now as who actually sees them or knows its there except for your partner but I still liked having them. I then had to go one further and have two extras on either side. They were a complete and utter whim I thought of it and happened to have money that day. I went in that day and had them done. This I swear was the most painful of all of them as they have to be done one after the other or the tongue will swell too much. I still don;t regret them even though I chipped my tooth which is why i made the final decision to take them out. I'm not rich and dentists are expensive I couldn't risk doing that twice. They lasted me a long time. I think I was testing how far I would go but it was fun at the time and saying no to your kids doesn't work but taking them somewhere clean and safe when they are old enough is important. 

At one point ear piercing were as close as one week between having them done. There's nothing wrong with this they don't hurt for long maybe a bit tender. However I had cold/flu between two and I think that made the healing period way longer than usual. So doing it while ill not the best idea but I think at the time I did it at the time as a pick me up they made me happy. I still have most of them including the lobe and tragus piercing (the one closest to my face in the middle). I have stretched the bottom two lobes but only to 5mm as i didn't want daft floppy ear lobes with huge holes in them. If I take them out or swap for a straight bar the hole closes up around the piercing and you can't tell they've been stretched which is how I like them.

In my experience if you keep them clean and check out reviews from other people before you pick a place to have them done then the risk is really low. Some piercing are rejected by your body and you don't know until after they are done. Make sure you think hard before you do it as some scar after removed but if you are happy with it then don't let other people decide for you whether they are for or against it . At the end of they day it's your body, your choice and you have to live with the end results. These are my personal experiences and views and I understand everyone won't agree with them.

I had almost all mine done at Thou Art Tattoo & Piercing Studio. They are serious about everything being clean down to the room being sterilised between each use. They also have all jewelry sterile and if you bring in used jewelry they will reuse your bars but only after they have sterilise it first. They are really informative and will answer any questions before and after .  I don't work for them, all my piercings were paid for by myself I just think they deserve a good review because of the service I've received over many years has been so good. No they are not the cheapest but that is for good reason they take good care of you.

If you want to know anything else just comment and ill get back to you.

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