Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Well not quiet, the big cut has already happened but I thought I'd let you in on it. I had hair so long it touched
the top of my jeans. Just a few weeks ago I had a foot cut off. 

So I'm going to explain how I got to this point.I started dying my hair when I was 16. In the space of a week my sister dyed my mousy brown blonde hair from a light brown to black in three hair dye attempts. This was followed by many years of dying my hair black over and over again. I had no future intentions of doing anything else with it. Until I met my friend Jodie she is a very colourful person with a personality to match.
I loved my blue hair
She offered to bleach my hair and take it whatever colour I fancied and at the time that was Stargazer in Blue. The bleach went on and was left on and half my hair maybe from shoulder down fell off.  It was an oh crap moment !At this point the most I'd had cut off was a trim. I was devastated for maybe an hour in utter shock. I went ahead and put the blue on and was happy with the results. From then on until about a year ago I've gone every colour I fancied. That includes shades if blue, green, pink, red and purple. If your going to bleach your hair and don't know what your doing I recommend going to a hair dresser as bleach is damaging in the wrong hands I now know this. I should have learnt the first time.... I didn't.

This meant than when I did eventually stop the dying the main length of my hair was fried. Brushing my hair took forever it just knotted all the time. I went back to permanent dye using John Frieda Mousse dye in a Cherry Brown. It without a doubt is the easiest hair dye to use, it covers well goes on without dripping and gives a shiny warm colour. If you've ever wanted to dye your hair this is what I would suggest to a first timer. The gloves that come with it are so well made for the job you won't have stained hands afterwards. It's more expensive than regular cream dyes but completely worth every penny. The rrp price is £9.99.

So this is where I got to when I realised my hair needed the chop. It's now medium length with long layers. It's needs dying but I'm not sure what to try. I like the ombre look but I'm thinking a dip dye or a bright colour could be interesting. I can't help but want to experiment before dare I say it I'm too old. I'm liking the idea of a permanent plum colour.

My hair in a much better condition

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