Monday, 17 June 2013

This is my Denman ... The Cleaning Brush To Clean My Brushes

This is my Denman. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without my Denman I am nothing, without me my Denman is nothing.

My Denman
OK so a tad melodramatic. But I really couldn't have handled the knots my hair used to get in without this brush. I've had it a long time and its got me through many a tangle of bleached hair.I must have had it nearly 5 years and it's as good as the day I got it. The only tell tale is the gold inlay on the handle has worn away all bristles are intact.It retails at £9.09 (odd price but true). So why haven't I taken better care of it? I really love this brush but it fills with dusty bits and many strands of hair caught inside it and then there's the products luring at the base of bristles just waiting to give me greasy hair.The task of picking the hair out by hand is so monotonous and you can never really get all the dusty buildup completely, it would be easier to buy a new brush. I really didn't know that this was the answer. Not a new paddle brush but a brush designed just for cleaning brushes.

It kinda looks like torture devise if you ever were crazy enough to use it as a normal brush. The bristles are hard in tight sections bundled together and would hurt any head. But just run the main section through your hair brushes and it pulls the hair strands straight out of the other brush, which in turn build up in the cleaning brush but are then really easy to remove. Next I use Johnson's No Tears Baby Shampoo at £1.69 for 300ml with a bit of warm water. Using the pointed end I ran this through the gaps at the base of the bristles to clear the dusty buildup on the brush. All that's left is to rinse and let it dry.

Final thoughts, it takes just a few minutes to do this process but it's worth it. I find it so simple to do and it means my hair gets greasy less often because of it. The cleaning brush is £3.99 but I think this is great value as it removes the hassle from the task at hand. 

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