Friday, 21 June 2013

Updated Shower Duo

This is my new shower combo. It consists firstly of Anatomicals Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It body scrub. This wasn't technically purchased but was part of a Beauteco Beauty Box (see here). It is normally £3.60 which I find totally reasonable and I know it can be purchased from (here). It smells fruity and I love it. It is full of beads which don't just disappear instantly and the gel consistency means the scrub part doesn't go straight down the plug hole. It really super cleans my skin making my body feel nice and smooth. It turns cream like after being rubbed in but doesn't lather up but that means I can see the bead particles to carry on scrubbing. When it's washed off it comes straight off so I don't have to worry about finding grit on myself after.

The second part is Soap & Glory I-Foam Ultra Creamy Body Wash at. This smells amazing just like 99% of the brand dose. I believe I've had this so long its been renamed as Foam Call which is £6.50 for 500 ml. I'm glad I've made use of it. I like to lather it up on a shower puff to make it really bubbly and this spreads it really well. I love to use this when I shave as it feels really moisturising. I have many Soap & Glory products and have heard they are doing a brand relaunch to give it a modern more high end feel . From what I've seen I like what they've done , it also included improvements on existing products and launching of new ones which should be happening around September.

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